I owe so much of where I am today to the kindness of my mentors, peers, and friends. Please take a moment to support these amazing artists and organizations, some are folks whom have taught me everything I know and some are current projects I'm very proud to be involved in. It takes a village!



Ribbecke Guitars

Tom Ribbecke is my mentor. I was proud to be his apprentice for 5 years before setting up my own shop. He is one of my best friends and one of the all time greats.



Galloup School of Guitar Building & Repair 

Bryan Galloup is another dear friend for whom we are all grateful. I am a proud graduate of both the Journeyman & Masters Programs from this fine school of lutherie. With other courses available and host of the Northwoods Seminars this is a wonderful place to dig in deep to the craft.



Reverend Guitars

Joe Naylor gave me my first industry job right out of Guitar School in Detroit. I'll always be eternally grateful to the folks at Reverend for this first opportunity. Their shop makes badass electric guitars rockstars love to play.



West Coast Pedal Board

I LOVE MAKING PEDAL BOARDS and CABINETS with these kats!!! They are badass cases for all shapes and sizes of accessories with an endless amount of styles and upholstery for every personality. Seriously cool. 



LMI - Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc

I'm so proud of the work I'm currently doing customizing pick guards and creating products for our industry at LMI. I have truly begun a love affair with these handcrafted pick guards and their amazing team of professionals.



The Fretboard Journal

I'm honored to have been featured in this fantastic industry publication. It's a stunning magazine full of great resources and inspiration. I've also been known to jump on their super engaging PodCast from time to time.




The Mac Daddy of how to's and do it yourself tutorials. I have learned just as much watching their videos as I have from building my guitars. Participating in one of their monthly Trade Secrets! videos was a highlight of my career. They are my favorite go to for a quick fix or repair. 



Craig D'Andrea

My main demo man and one of the most talented fingerstyle guitar players I've ever seen. Craig's music is so emotional and moving, it's always an honor to watch him perform. I'm so happy that many of my instruments have been introduced to the world through his talents.



Andy McKee's Musicarium

One of my favorite fingerstyle players on the scene today. Andy was kind enough to invite me to guitar tech his illuminating summit for players in upstate New York. This was not only an epic weekend in fun and music, but also an eye opening experience into supporting another element of the industry.